People often ask me what it is I actually do. 

I am an affiliate marketer, online business consultant and graphic designer.

I started building an internet based business around my freelance graphic design company in back in 2016.

I decided I wanted to pursue a path that was a lot friendlier to the lifestyle I wanted. With time freedom, traveling, having fun with family, friends and my passions video and photography.

My focus now is helping as many people as I can build and grow digital businesses that will similarly allow them to create a life on their own terms.

I am proud to work with some of the leading providers of digital education around. I get paid to recommend the tools and coaching programs that I know, use and trust.

These are the same products directly responsible for the success I have had to date.



One of them is a digital education company that has taught me all I know and still helps me grow my online business every day.

And to think that I was a complete newbie, having no idea about online businesses or the technical stuff that came along with it.


So what does my week look like? 


This is what my week roughly looks like as a digital business owner:


Daily Activities:
  • Checking my numbers and ads to see if everything is still running properly and make adjustments if necessary.
  • Responding to e-mails and messages from students and people who are looking to start an online business.
  • Masterminding with teachers and members in the community through live calls and classes.
  • Read educational and/or motivational books for at least 20 minutes a day.
  • Meditation and/or visualizing my goals.


Weekly Activities
  • Creating content for broadcasts that will be sent out to my mailing lists that week.
  • Blogging on my website.
  • 1-on-1 call with my personal mentor that guides me through any problem I’m facing.
  • Creating and scheduling posts for social media.


As you can see, this list isn’t very long and on average I spend around 3 hours a day working in my online business.

All my other time I have the freedom to do with what I want, and the best part is that I don’t have to be at an office or even at home. If there’s a beach bar somewhere in Bali that has WiFi, I’m good to go.

You can have a lifestyle friendly business too, it’s not like I knew how to do any of this before I started my digital education and got to earn while I learn, so learn more about what an online business entails through this free digital lifestyle video training.


Do you want to discuss your personal situation with me to see what would work best for your needs?

Drop me a line or set up a free chat here.


I’d love to help you create a life and a business you love!

P.S If you just also want to create financial, time and location freedom in your life, here is a link to my mentors.  If you want to stop feeling like you wasting your twenties, look them up! They are so experienced and can help you exchange that energy draining job, for a business that you actually love.