We all have this, right… things don’t always go our way.

Just like today when I was making a new ad page for my website, thinking it would only take a minute….


It’s been 5 HOURS now.

Which was reaaaally starting to annoy me, big time.



But just as I was ready to throw the towel in for the day, I had a happy thought.

I realized that, although things weren’t going my way. Making this page took 5 hours of my time now, I would never have to do it again.

I only had to spend my time on it this once, for me to be able to leverage it on the internet (which is open 24/7, 7 days a week) time and time again.


This wasn’t possible in my other career as a creative freelancer.

Everything I did was custom, starting from scratch with every new client.

Having now created this ad page, systems and automation in my business take over and I can focus my time on other ways to grow my business…

…Or just take the afternoon off.


Because time isn’t connected to money. It isn’t about working more so you can earn more.

It’s about working smarter, so you can create a lifestyle by your own design.

Hoping to have woken you up to today’s possibilities,

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