I absolutely love my parents, they are so wonderful, have always been there for me and my brothers and I’m so thankful to have them in my life. 

Only lately I really realized all the great values they instilled in me.


Growing up I was taught to…

Never give up on my dreams because I needed them.

Never to compromise my morals because they make you who you are.

Never hide your feelings because someone’s willing to hear them.

Never think you’ve got it all figured out because next moment you won’t.

Never live life in the past because then you’ll miss out on now.

Never let people bring you down because they don’t deserve to.

Never be someone you aren’t because then you will never know who you really are.

Never let someone tell you how to feel because it’s not their right to.

Never give up on something that feels right because it probably is.

Never worry about the petty things because they don’t matter.

Never run away from your problems because they always find you.

Never be afraid to take risks because they make life worth living.

Never let someone take away your happiness! BECAUSE IT WAS NEVER THEIRS!!!

My point is, my parents have always wanted the best for me. To be happy and to live an abundant and fulfilling life. Seeing this list of values reminds me not to play it small in life, but to go after what I want and to create the life I desire.


And most importantly: never forget to tell them how much you love them!
X Nicole