By now, you’ve probably noticed my brands name: My Laptop Lifestyle Design. My goal is to take you with me on my journey of designing a lifestyle filled with freedom, whether that be financial, with time, location, mind or body.

And today I want to talk to you about the latter.

Because we can’t enjoy our freedom if we are physically not feeling great.

That’s why I started yoga about a month ago.

Which wasn’t easy because I’m a HUGE couch potato!

After a day of working I LOVE snuggling up on the couch and watch my favorite Netflix series all evening long. I would notice that my body was tired, but didn’t feel like exercising because I was ‘too tired’ and got to bed with my body aching.

But hey, trying to improve my life here!

And with so many people around me and in the SFM community raving about yoga, I thought I should at least give it a go.

First week thoughts: 

Day 1. ‘Damn, I’m out of shape’

Day 2. ‘How long does this yoga session take?’

Day 3. If I’ll have to do one more downward facing dog I’ll lose my mind’

Day 4. ‘Hm. I’m actually a bit more relaxed..’

Day 5. ‘My body doesn’t nearly feel as tired anymore as it did before this workout.’

Day 6. ‘I’m no longer stressed, my body feels warm and flexible, and I’m maybe – kind of –  starting to enjoy this…

Day 7. ‘I’m actually looking forward to day 8!’

If you want to check out the yoga teacher I’m following on YouTube, it’s Yoga With Adriene and I loved her 30-day yoga challenge, for about 20 minutes a day.

I now feel so good when I’m doing it and am patting myself on the back for taking this time for myself. I’m even sad if I had to miss a day!

Yoga is really helping me getting in touch again with my body. I also want to give a little more TLC to my mind, so this week I’ve started to read into meditation. I want to work on meditating daily to help me reduce stress and anxiety. I’ll let you know how I get on and if you’re looking for a way to get moving again, I could definitely recommend yoga now ;-)!

Looking forward to seeing you live your awesome life,


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