I’ve just watched the amazing film ‘The Shift’ with Dr. Wayne Dyer. And I really wanted to share it with you since there is so much wisdom in there.

I’ve been making notes throughout the film – which you can watch for free on YouTube. I must say, my head is just exploding!

He speaks about how thinking positively can influence our lives in a good way. And how we are constantly in our own way of creating happiness and fulfillment in our lives.

Dr. Wayne Dyer was a world renowned motivational speaker and a best-selling author on personal growth and spirituality.

I have to say, it’s a MUST WATCH for anyone who values their personal development or could use a little direction in their life.

I know I will watch it again (and again) to fully understand the concept and apply them in my life as well.

Enjoy the film!

Remember, you are only one thought away from changing your life,

X Nicole