Since I started my online business last year, it has been a rollercoaster of experiences, emotions and learning curves.

But one thing that’s absolutely drilled into my head is to keep celebrating every single little victory.

So even something as making a small sale for a product I’m an affiliate of, celebrate!

Realize that there was a time when you didn’t know how to do this. And although it seems so normal now, appreciate it. Because now, you are ready for bigger things and you need every small victory to get to the big ones.


  • Dance around in your living room.
  • Sing along to your party songs (no matter how out of tune you are).
  • Give yourself credit for making this happen.
  • Remind yourself that it is something great that you have accomplished.
  • Write it down in your notebook or put it on the fridge to remind yourself of your awesomeness!
  • Pour yourself a glass of goodie-ness, because you are killing it.

Keep that passion alive and stay awesome, 

Have a great week!

X Nicole (and my boyfriend Robin, he’s also happy that we’re making sales!)