I was so excited last week because I would be traveling again. [VIDEO BELOW]

And this time it was even more of an adventure because I chose to do a surprise trip with friends.

Our destination was UNKNOWN to us until we got to the airport.


Yes or no? 

Some of you might jump with joy by the idea of not having to plan your travels and just going with the flow.

And some of you might scream NO because you want to make sure your trip will be everything you hope it to be.


I would absolutely recommend!

It felt great to just see where life would take me. I realized that wherever we would go, it would be something we’d never forget.

I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to have such awesome people in my life with whom I can share experiences like this and have the freedom in my life to pack my bags and travel.

Remember that it’s okay to discover your own path and do things differently from people around you. Do what makes you happy and gives you the most fulfilling and meaningful way to live your life.

Want to know where we went? 

Check out our short travel video to find out!


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