We often blame external things for our lack of freedom, but in reality, it’s due to us. 

We are the problem — but we are also the solution.

Here are 4 ways to create more freedom in your life:

Declutter, literally. 
The average household has around 300.000 objects in it.

And all these things can distract you from what really matters.

Instead of thinking you need a bigger place (with bigger costs), take a look around and sell, recycle, trash, give away everything you don’t need in your life anymore.

A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself if you have used it in the last 12 months.

Truly, you won’t even miss it.

When I used to say to people that I only worked 2 days a week.

That way I supported myself and the rest of my time I used to build my business.

People were shocked and would say: “Oh I wish I could do that!”

You can. Really.

It’s all about deciding what’s important to you.

Do you really need that coffee on your way to work every day and a new wardrobe every few weeks?

If you feel you can not cut back costs, then you can create other income streams: http://bit.ly/stu-ross

Make your life a thousand times easier and just LET GO from time to time.

People can and will do a great job if you show them your trust and appreciation.

For me, this was part of the attraction to become an affiliate.

It’s my job to find honest and motivated people like yourself that are interested in starting a business online and once you become a member, they do the rest.

That’s my job done, leaving me with the freedom to do other things I enjoy.

Educate Yourself
If you want to be free, you don’t want to constantly be dependent on other people.

Things can always change in this day and age.

So take responsibility and learn skills that will serve you.

Which one of these tips do you think you could apply in your life today?

P.S If you just also want to create financial, time and location freedom in your life, here is a link to my mentors.  If you want to stop feeling like you wasting your twenties, look them up! They are so experienced and can help you exchange that energy draining job, for a business that you actually love.