Living Your Best and Most Meaningful Life Starts With Education

Living Your Best and Most Meaningful Life Starts With Education

When was the last time you learned something new…?


What did you learn in school that you can say has directly impacted the following…

1) your health?

2) your bank balance?

3) your HAPPINESS?


Before I got started with My Laptop Life I was living on auto-pilot. Doing the same things every week.

Turning my days into weeks, weeks into months and suddenly a whole year had past and I just thought: “what the heck have I been doing?!”

Staying curious and learning new things on a daily basis keeps you present, active, proves to make you happier and is the gateway to achieving your dreams.


The late, great Nelson Mandela said…

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world…”


First, educate yourself.

Learn what you need to learn to get where you want to be.

The digital age of information sharing enables us to re-educate ourselves in pretty much ANYTHING.


The information is at your fingertips to change any area of your life for the better – are you using it?


For me, starting an online business wasn’t something I was really ‘looking’ for.  

I was looking for something that would provide me a way to have the freedom in my life that I was seeking.

So? Is your current education serving you in living your best and most meaningful life? If not, explore your options and start making some changes. Get started here…

Have a great day!

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Invite Adventure In Your Life – Travel To Destination UNKNOWN

Invite Adventure In Your Life – Travel To Destination UNKNOWN

I was so excited last week because I would be traveling again. [VIDEO BELOW]

And this time it was even more of an adventure because I chose to do a surprise trip with friends.

Our destination was UNKNOWN to us until we got to the airport.


Yes or no? 

Some of you might jump with joy by the idea of not having to plan your travels and just going with the flow.

And some of you might scream NO because you want to make sure your trip will be everything you hope it to be.


I would absolutely recommend!

It felt great to just see where life would take me. I realized that wherever we would go, it would be something we’d never forget.

I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to have such awesome people in my life with whom I can share experiences like this and have the freedom in my life to pack my bags and travel.

Remember that it’s okay to discover your own path and do things differently from people around you. Do what makes you happy and gives you the most fulfilling and meaningful way to live your life.

Want to know where we went? 

Check out our short travel video to find out!


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[FREE GIFT] Your Happiness Habits Scheduler!

[FREE GIFT] Your Happiness Habits Scheduler!

Seriously, be HONEST…

How many times have you started something with the best intentions and not quite reached the goal?

We make big, sweeping New Years’ Resolutions in January and by February, we’ve…

  • not been to the gym for weeks…
  • started smoking again…
  • stopped eating healthily…
  • still buying a coffee every day after saying we’d save money this year… ring any bells?!

I know I’m guilty!

You may or may not realize it but it’s time to take control of your HAPPINESS.

Our happiness is usually dictated by 3 main areas of our lives:

  • WEALTH (in other words, your work, business, however you choose make an income)

We all lead such busy lives. And it’s so easy to neglect one or all of the above.


I did a 90 Day Challenge with my mentors and lots of other members in the community.

It was AWESOME! We had to commit to our daily/weekly/monthly habits and pledge to pay (very expensive) fines if we skipped even just one task.

The money went to various charities which was great (because obviously plenty of us didn’t follow through!).

Why 90days? To form a habit. Things will become a natural part of your behavior and no longer be an effort.

Us humans don’t find it easy to form new habits. And it’s usually purely down to a lack of planning and organization.

So as part of the challenge, I put together this planner that you can print out and stick on your wall.

I am usually not a total spreadsheet dork, but in this case, it works really well, I admit it…

Download your ‘Happiness Habits’ checklist here!

Try to come up with ONE thing in each area – I cannot tell you the difference it makes if you stick to this.

They don’t need to be massive, scary goals. Just simple stuff.

Feel free to use the examples I’ve left on here as a starting point.

I hope this is helpful – print it out and put it somewhere VERY obvious to remind you each day of what you need to achieve to take your happiness to that next level.


P.S Do you want to create financial, time and location freedom in your life, here is a link to my mentors.  If you want to stop feeling like you wasting your precious time on earth, look them up! Together they have helped thousands of people find a happy, fulfilled and wealthy life – and I am one of them.